European Florists: Peter Hess


Peter Hess

Born in 1948, Peter Hess is a florist, floral designer, welder, vegetation sculptor, and flower arranger in the 4th generation. He works and lives in Allschwil, Switzerland. Starting since 1969, when he won Junior champion Regio-Cup Switzerland, France, Germany, Peter is one of the most influential and style-setting European flower designers. Since then he taught thousands flower arrangers around the globe and inspired millions with his unique and inspiring creations. He has a distinct earth-oriented, environmental friendly approach to design. His works are inspirational, imaginative, and visionary.
Peter is a founder of atelier5, a florist school and a centre for creative and experimental vegetation design. In the beginning, his "Florist school" was known in Switzerland only. Then it was followed by neighboring countries: Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Later Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and Hungary joined. Nowadays atelier5 is known worldwide. Peter also teaches and provides master-classes om flower arrangement in other floral schools, including "Nicole" in Moscow.

Peter is a worldwide leader in Landart - creating art with nothing else but what nature offers. The artist arrives at an area usually unknown to him, doesn't know what to expect and which materials he will be able to find. Landart means, to create a work of art from what the environment offers, something that can be only available in this place. The aim is to integrate the artwork in its surroundings and follow the lead of the landscape.


Peter is the initiator of annual Landart Festival in Grindenwald, Switzerland. Since 1999 using nothing but natural materials founds in the area, teams-of-two from different nations (Swiss, Canada, Russia, Germany and other countries) create sculptures and creations in wildly-romantic surroundings of Swiss Alps. After a week of creative work transitory works of art are exhibited in the countryside and judged by a specialist jury. Inspiring and spontaneous, Peter Hess is one of the most visionary contemporary European floral designers. His works are always astonishing, fascinating and influential.